Are we ethically practice or ethically corrupt

Thoughts of a private practioner from MYSORE…………..

As we come out of the graduation we all take Hippocratic Oath, is that just for the sake of guideline or passion….

They are few doctors who really put their entire life for the community, make sure that they are healthy and think that I am here to serve the community….HATS OFF.

But the systems will make some doctors to become corrupt or unethically practice medicine,

Recently one of my friend’s uncle has to undergo a knee surgery ,he met a consultant in the OPD of the Govt Hospital and doctor said we cannot do the surgery here u go to the private nursing home and I will come over and do the surgery and cost of the surgery is 60000/-.this patient was little worried and he met another doctor in the same hospital he said I will do it for 45000/- and after 30min he met another doctor he said I will do it here only but you need to bring the necessary medicines and equipments from outside from a particular medical shop and this patient felt very happy and went to buy medicines and equipments needed for the surgery and you won’t believe the cost was 30000/- the patient was shocked….Is this is the system failure or ethical failure……

I had similar experience one of my patient was in need of MRI Brain scan and patient was not affordable and I phoned one of the diagnostic centre and requested him to get MRI at a nominal price which will help the patient,In turn he told me if you don’t your cuts its Rs.4000/- or otherwise its Rs.7000/-….I was shocked by his answer…..I never knew that these things are happening with the patients…… Is that system making the doctors to grow in different paths or we are keeping all our ethics apart….

Yes if there is particular rates fixed for the procedures or OPD patients will come prepare for the same….

Yes we should treat all patients who come in emergency on humanitarian grounds being doctors and being health professional we must save patients….

Hospital cannot charge left and right whatever it wants it should be ethically bound….

As healthcare professionals we should keep our ethics….

Remember our Hippocratic Oath

I swear…, to recognize…, I will follow with purity.., holiness and beneficence……keep this oath


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