Dissenting diagnosis – Excerpts

“Doctors angrily question why there is no regulation on builders and property developers. In the first place, we are not builders but Doctors. We deal with issues of life and death! That is not the case with the builders and developers. And then, if we ourselves start behaving like builders, people will also treat us such. Have we ever imposed any self-discipline on ourselves?No. If we ourselves do not keep ourselves well dressed and start dancing in the nude, why would other people tolerate our behaviour? They will take steps to cover us decently?. How can we then complain, ‘ you are interfering with our work?. How dare we complain? You tell me, do we have any right to do that?”  Dr Vijay Ajgaonkar, senior diabetologist, Mumbai

“Mothers are ready to breastfeed and doctors tell them not to do so. This is criminal. This way, doctors want to exert their power over patients. The plan behind such advice is to prohibit something the mother can herself do, and take control.”
– Dr Vandana Prasad, paediatrician, Delhi

“I have come to know that the senior office-bearers of many doctors’ associations and organisations in India have been bought up by pharma companies. By not publicly revealing this, they are fooling their own members.”
– Dr Sanjib Mukhopadhyay, gynaecologist, Kolkata

“In order to benefit the (corporate) hospital and meet its commercial needs, one has to do things like keeping patients longer than necessary, and doing unnecessary investigations and procedures. My conscience began pricking me and I left that hospital. Now I only do a consulting practice. I am happy.”
– Dr Gautam Mistri, cardiologist, Kolkata

“We have sunk to such depths that I have come to the conclusion that things will (now) improve simply because there is no way they can become any worse.”
– Unnamed general surgeon

Dissenting Diagnosis
Authors: Dr Arun Gadre, Dr Abhay Shukla
Paperback: 208 pages (Rs 279)
Publisher: Random House (May 2016)

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